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Process Inputs Signal Conditioner - RS232
Process Inputs Digital Signal Conditioner - RS485
Strain Gage/Bridge Transducer Signal Conditioner - RS232
Strain Gage/Bridge Transducer Digital Signal Conditioner - RS485
Frequency/Pulse Signal Conditioners/Transmitters - RS232
Frequency/Pulse Digital Signal Conditioners/Transmitters - RS485
AC Current Signal Conditioners/Transmitters - RS232
AC Current Digital Signal Conditioners/Transmitters - RS485
Thermocouple Signal Conditioner/Transmitters - RS232
Thermocouple Signal Conditioner/Transmitters - RS485
AC Voltage Signal Conditioners/Transmitters - RS232
AC Voltage Digital Signal Conditioners/Transmitters - RS485
RTD Signal Conditioner - RS232
RTD Digital Signal Conditioners - RS485
  500 Series Isolated 4-20 mA Transmitters
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, RTD
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Thermocouple Type E
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Thermocouple Type J
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Thermocouple Type K
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Thermocouple Type T
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Millivolt-Input
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Milliamp-Input
  4-20 mA Two-Wire Transmitter, Voltage-Input
Current Loop Indicator
Square Root Function Current Loop Indicator
  2-Wire Transmitter for Load Cells & Pressure Transducers
  Miniature, Low-Cost Temperature Transmitters
  Temperature-To-Analog Converter - Battery or AC Power

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