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5-Digit Remote Display with BCD Input
6152A / 6153

5-Digit Remote Display with BCD Input
Parallel BCD Input
5-digit Readout
Bright .56" (14.2 mm) LED Digits
Programmable Decimal Points
Strobed or Continuous Display Update
Display Blanking
Low-profile 1/16 DIN - 6153
Standard 1/8 DIN Case - 6152A

Minus-sign Annunciator
Three-bars Annunciator

The 6152A / 6153 are NOT AVAILABLE, please review our 6155A product.
1 Year Warranty


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Scroll Below to Order Manuals Mechanical Mechanical

The models 6152A and 6153 are 5-digit slave displays for use with programmable controllers, digital panel meters and other instruments with parallel BCD output. The model 6152A is housed in a 1/8 DIN case and is available with 120/240 Vac or 5 Vdc power. The model 6153 is housed in a horizontal 1/16 DIN case and is dc powered.

Data Format
Both models accept standard (8421) parallel BCD input and is TTL or 5 V CMOS compatible. Data received is latched and displayed when a strobe line goes true. When this strobe line is held or hardwired true, the display is updated continuously as new BCD data is received. Two strobe inputs are provided.

Display Format
The standard display format is five seven-segment digits separated by decimal points: The Left Annunciator options ALN or ALP can replace the leftmost digit by a “-1” or “-”. The Right Annunciator option AR can replace the rightmost digit with three horizontal bars. All three bars may be lit independently and may be used to designate different engineering units or messages silkscreened on the lens. More than one decimal point may be lit simultaneously. An input allows the display (except the four decimal points) to be blanked upon command. Stored data may be retained or new data stored during blanking.

A solder-type PCB edge connector is offered as an option.

Data Format
Data codes: BCD and octal
DC Strobe: Selectable high or low-level true, 200 ns min width
AC strobe: Selectable rising or falling-edge strobe, max 1 µs transition time, min 10 µs settling time before transition
Type: 7-segment, red LED
Height: 0.56" (14.2 mm)
Symbols: (standard configuration), – (left annunciator option), (3 bars) (right annunciator option), - (3 bars) (left and right annunciator options)
Display update: Strobed or continuous
Decimal points: Four positions selectable at connector
Blanking: On command at connector
Digital Signals
Input signals: TTL or 5 V CMOS compatible
Output signals: None
DC voltage (6153): 5 Vdc ±5%
Power consumption (6153): 3.8 W max
Power consumption (6152A): 4.2 W max (AC), 3.8 W max (DC)
Operating temperature: 0° to ±50°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage temperature: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 184°F)
Relative humidity: 95% at 40°C (104°F) (non-condensing)
Dimensions: (6153) Newport® DIN III case (1/16 DIN), 71.7 mm behind panel (6152A) Newport® DIN2A (short 1/8 DIN) case (see Mechanical section for drawings)
Weight: (6152A) 10 oz (285 g); (6153) 5 oz (145 g)
Case material: 94V-0 UL-rated polycarbonate
( * )
( * )
( * )
        5-digit remote display with BCD input
5 Vdc powered in 1/16 DIN case
5-digit remote display with BCD input
Displays 0 through 9
Displays -1 with logic zero on polarity input
Displays -1 with logic one on polarity input
Displays 0 through 9
- -
- - Displays three horizontal bars
CASE MOUNTING (6153 only)
Spring clamp
U-shaped mounting clamp
POWER (6152A only) -
120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
5 volt dc power

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 6152A     Consult sales   5-digit display that accepts parallel BCD input, displays 0 through 9,1/8 DIN case  
 6153     Consult sales   5-digit display that accepts parallel BCD input, displays 0 through 9, 1/16 DIN case  
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