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DP-03 / DP-04 / DP-04D

Large 3" Scale for Easy Readability
Automatic Temperature Compensation (DP-04 & 03)
Integral Sampling Cup
Easy One-Hand Operation

1 Year Warranty

Limited quantities available, please contact sales for replacement units.

The DP-03, DP-04 and DP-04D are simple to operate, battery powered portable meters which indicate either conductivity or resistivity on a stable, easy to read analog display, designed and calibrated specifically for monitoring water quality.

They feature integral sample cup sensors, water and chemically resistant ABS cases, and rubber booted switches. The instrument handle for protection make the instruments ideal for users requiring portability without sacrificing reliability.

The DP-04 and DP-03 display conductivity in both Micromhos and Parts Per Million and feature automatic temperature compensation. The economical DP-04 is ideal for measuring the performance of Reverse Osmosis and other drinking water filtration systems with a single range of 0-1200 PPM. The DP-03 displays conductivity across three switchable ranges of 0-50, 0-500, and 0-5000 providing improved accuracy and readability.

The DP-04D is designed for water quality measurements in the Ultra Pure range and displays Resistivity across two switchable ranges of to 20,000 ohm/in cubed and to 400 ohm/in cubed.

Note: The DP-04D is a convenient portable instrument, however stable measurements of extreme resistivity of Ultra Pure Water can only be accomplished in a hermetically sealed process system.


Resolution: 2% full scale
Accuracy: DP-04 & DP-03, ±2% of full scale; DP-04D ±4% of full scale
Temperature Compensation: DP-04 & DP-03, automatic 0 to 55ºC; DP-04D, none
Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 2 1/2"
Weight: 1 1/2 lb.

Product Selection (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 DP-03 Consult Sales    $281.00     3-range conductivity: 0-50, 0-500, 0-5000 PPM; 0-75, 0-750, 0-75000 µmhos  
 DP-04 Consult Sales    $189.00     Conductivity: 0-1200 PPM; 0-1800 µmhos  
 DP-04D Consult Sales    $301.00     Resistivity: ∞-20,000 ohm/in cubed, ∞-400 ohm/in cubed  
 PHA-10 in-stock    $12.68     Buffer solution, pH 10.01  
 CDSA-45 in-stock    $14.20     Conductivity standard solution: 45 µmhos/cm  
 CDSA-450 in-stock    $14.20     Conductivity standard solution: 450 µmhos/cm  
 CDSA-1500 in-stock    $14.20     Conductivity standard solution: 1500 µmhos/cm  
 CDCC-2 Consult Sales    $26.25     Carrying Case  
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