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Programmable Signal Conditioners / Transmitters
iDRN/iDRX Series

Signal Conditioners / Transmitters
Analog or Digital Outputs
Up to 1800 Vdc Isolation
iDRN Series Provide 0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA Output
iDRX Series Provide RS-485 Output (ASCII Serial Protocol and MODBUS Serial Protocol)
Free Setup and Configuration Software
Factory Setup and Configuration Available at No Charge (for iDRN Analog Output Models)

1 Year Warranty

iDRN and iDRX series are in the end of life cycle. As a possible substitute, please check out the DRST Series or contact our Sales Engineering department for replacement or last time buy details.

The new iD Series signal conditioners combine the accuracy of laboratory instrumentation with the performance required by demanding industrial applications. The iD Series signal conditioners are ideal for those applications in Data Acquisition, Test & Measurement, Process Control, and Industrial Automation where accuracy, performance, and reliability are critically important.

The iD Series signal conditioners mount on a 35mm DIN rail, and operate on any voltage between 10-32 Vdc power. (A matching 24 Vdc 850 mA switching power supply is also available.) The devices feature three-way isolation of up to 1800 V between the signal inputs, outputs, and power supply.

The iD series feature seven (7) models designed for each of the most widely measured signal inputs: Process (DC) Voltage and Current; Strain Gage; Thermocouples; RTD’s; AC Voltage; AC Current; Frequency/Pulse.

The iD series devices are designed to work directly with a variety of sensors and transducers; no other components are necessary. For sensors such as RTD’s, strain gages, and some process transducers, precise stable excitation is provided directly from the iD module.

The iD series are available with two different types of signal outputs: Analog or Digital. The iDRN series provides a totally scalable analog output in DC voltage or current. The iDRX series provide a digital RS-485 output. Both iD Series signal conditioners are intelligent microprocessor based instruments that can be scaled and programmed by computer via serial communications, or over an Ethernet network.

The iDRN series feature a 0-10 Vdc, or 0-20 mA (including 4-20 mA) analog output signal that is typically scaled to be directly proportional to the input signal. It is an ideal component in a system with PLC’s or PC’s with analog data acquisition boards.

The iDRN series are an excellent choice for applications that demand an extra measure of accuracy and performance that is not possible with conventional "analog" signal conditioners or transmitters. Unlike conventional analog devices that are scaled by adjusting zero and span "pots", the programmable, micro-processor based iDRN instruments are scaled precisely on a PC with free and simple Windows software. The iDRN modules connect directly to a PC’s RS-232 Serial Communications port for programming and scaling.

Once the module is configured, the parameters are saved in non-volatile memory. The device can be disconnected from the PC, or the RS-232 output from the module can be used for continuous data acquisition in addition to the analog output.

Alternatively, the iDRN signal conditioner can be connected to a PC’s Ethernet port or an Ethernet network using the EIT-D module as a Serial/Ethernet bridge.

If an iDRN signal conditioner is not going to be connected to a computer, it can be ordered preconfigured by the factory at no extra charge. The user can select the input types, ranges and output scale, and NEWPORT will program the instruments to those specific requirements in our calibration lab prior to shipment. For custom factory setup and scaling of the iDRN model, please specify the "-FS" option.

The iDRX Series Signal Conditioners provide highly accurate digital outputs. Each module provides an RS-485 Serial output that can be transmitted directly to computers and other devices with serial communications capability, or converted to Ethernet.

On an RS-485 bus, up to 32 modules can be connected over a distance of 1200 m (4000 ft) on a single pair of wires. With optional RS-485 repeaters, up to 254 modules may be connected to a single RS-485 port. The iDRX Series digital conditioners may be connected to an RS-485 bus using either screw terminator or RJ-12 connector.

The user can select between an easy-to-use, straightforward ASCII protocol, or the popular MODBUS protocol found in many existing industrial installations. With the simple ASCII commands, writing programs using the iDRX does not require special drivers or libraries. In addition, many off-the-shelf software packages can be used with the iDRX devices without any programming. NEWPORT also provides a number of useful programs and demos for the iDRX at no charge.

OPC Server and Active X CONTROLS

NEWPORT offers an optional OPC Server (OLE for Process Control) to integrate the iDRX with OPC-Client data acquisition, process control and industrial automation software available from NEWPORT, Iconics, Intellution and Wonderware, among others. Or utilize the ActiveX controls to interact with iDRX in ActiveX Container software such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Basic, Intellution, Rockwell Automation, and GE Fanuc CIMPLICITY among others.

Switching Power Supply
24 Vdc Supply for iDRN/iDRX Modules
iDRN-PS -1000 Switching Supply Powers up to 7 Units

iDRX and iDRN Series Common Specifications:
Input Power Supply:
10 to 32 Vdc
iDRX Output: 2-wire (half duplex) RS-485 (NEWPORT® ASCII Serial Protocol and Modbus Serial Protocol)
iDRN Output: 0 to 10 V @ 10 mA max; 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA, 10 V compliance
Isolation: 1800 V peak
Typical Step Response to 99%: 1 second
Operating Ambient: -5 to 55°C (23 to 131°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Mounting: 35 mm DIN rail
Dimensions: 90 x 25 x 124 mm (3.54 x 0.99 x 4.88")

Universal foot mount
Foot mount mates to 35 mm DIN rails

Product Selection (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 iDRN Models with Analog Output
 iDRN-TC in-stock    $290.00     Signal conditioner with analog output for Thermocouple sensors  
 iDRN-RTD Consult Sales    $290.00     Signal conditioner with analog output for RTD Temperature Sensors  
 iDRN-FP in-stock    $290.00     Signal conditioner with analog output for Frequency/Pulse inputs  
 iDRN-PR in-stock    $290.00     Signal conditioner with analog output for process signals  
 iDRN-ACV in-stock    $320.00     Signal conditioner with analog output for ac voltage inputs  
 iDRN-ST Consult Sales    $320.00     Signal conditioner for strain gages and bridge transducers with analog output  
 iDRX Models with RS485 Output
 iDRX-TC Consult Sales    $275.00     Digital signal conditioner with RS-485 output for Thermocouple sensors  
 iDRX-RTD in-stock    $275.00     Digital signal conditioner with RS-485 output for RTD Temperature Sensors  
 iDRX-FP in-stock    $275.00     Digital signal conditioner with RS-485 output for Frequency/Pulse inputs  
 iDRX-ST in-stock    $335.00     Digital signal conditioner for strain gages and bridge transducers with RS-485 output  
 iDRX-PR in-stock    $305.00     Digital signal conditioner with RS-485 output for process signals  
 iDRX-ACV in-stock    $295.00     Digital signal conditioner with RS-485 output for ac voltage input  
 CAT-285 in-stock    $202.80     Bi-directional RS-232-RS-485 converter for iDRX series  
 DB9-RJ12 in-stock    $34.39     DB9 to RJ12 Connector Adapter, includes 7ft. RJ12 cord  
 DB25-RJ12 in-stock    $34.39     DB25 to RJ12 Connector Adapter, includes 7ft. RJ12 cord  
 RJ12T in-stock    $17.22     RJ12 T Split Connector for RS-485 instruments  
 iDRN-PS-1000 Consult Sales    $172.20     Power Supply (switching), 95 to 240 Vac input, 24 Vdc output @ 850 mA (power 7 units)  
 RAIL-35-1 in-stock    $11.40     35 mm (1.4") DIN rail, 1 m (3.3') length  
 RAIL-35-2 in-stock    $21.51     35 mm (1.4") DIN rail, 2 m (6.6') length  
 -FS     Consult sales   Factory setup and scaling (No Charge)  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

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