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LIGHTSPEED™ Fiber Optic Paddlewheel Flow Sensors
FP9000 Series

LIGHTSPEED™ Fiber Optic Paddlewheel Flow Sensors
Unique Fiber-Optic Design for Hazardous Areas
Fiber-Optic Signal – Insensitive to Electrical Interference
Non-Magnetic Design Resists Fouling from Rust
High Resolution Pulse Output from FP9P Optical Interface

The FP9000 has been discontinued. Please see the FP2540 as a possible substitute or contact our Flow and Environmental department.

FP9000 Series LIGHTSPEED ™ paddlewheel flow sensors are ideal for applications with low viscosity solutions (like water) which are low in suspended solids. A patented fiber-optic sensing mechanism makes these sensors especially well suited for applications in hazardous environments, where the paddlewheel electronics can be mounted in a non-hazardous location and the near-infrared light signal can be sent down an optic cable to the paddlewheel inside the hazardous location. This non-magnetic design tolerates some rust, often found in iron pipes. FP9000 Series flow sensors must be used with the companion FP9000 Series pipe installation fittings. The high amplitude pulse output from the FP9P opto-electronic interface is ideally suited for hook up to the model INF7 ratemeter/totalizer. For 4-20 mA output, connect to OMEGA’s FLSC90 Series signal conditioner. (Please specify fitting and calibration range for the 4-20 mA output.) The FLSC90 includes the required optical interface for the FP9000 sensor.
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