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Economical Handheld Thermometers
HH-25 and HH-26 Series

Economical Handheld Thermometers
Each Unit Comes with Certificate Stating NIST Traceability and ANSI/Z540-1-1994 Compliance
Up to 0.4% of Reading Accuracy
HH-25 Models for 0.1° and 1° Display with Type K or T Thermocouples
HH-26 Models for °C/°F Display, 1° Resolution with Type J or K Thermocouples
Rugged, High-Impact ABS Plastic Case
Large 3 1 /2 Digit Liquid Crystal Display

1 Year Warranty

Input Current: 120 nA typical
Repeatability: 0.3°F(0.2°C) typical for 1 week at constant ambient temperature
Temperature Coefficient:
-10 to 18°C and 28 to 50°C; less than ±(0.025% of rdg + 0.1°C)/°C
Operating Temperature:
-10 to 50°C and less than 80% RH up to 35°C
3 1 /2 digit LCD, 13 mm (0.5") H, Polarity, overrange, oversensor and decimal indication
Conversion Rate:
1.5 readings per second Maximum
Common Mode Voltage:
42 V peak to earth
Thermocouple Input:
Miniature T/C connector
9 V alkaline battery
Battery Life, Continuous:
300 h, alkaline
Battery Indicator:
Display indicates “LO BAT” when less than 10% the life remains
160 L x 69 W x 31 mm D (6.3 x 2.7 x 1.2") Weight: 210 g (7.5 oz)

Product Selection (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 HH-25KF Consult Sales    $174.92     Type K, Degree F Thermometer  
 HH-25KC in-stock    $174.92     Type K, Degree C Thermometer  
 HH-26K Consult Sales    $174.92     Type K, C or F Switchable Thermometer  
 HH-25TF Consult Sales    $174.92     Type T, Degree F Thermometer  
 HH-25TC Consult Sales    $174.92     Type T, Degree C Thermometer  
 HH-26J Consult Sales    $174.92     Type J, C or F Switchable Thermomete  
 SC-800 Consult Sales    $20.20     Carrying case  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Accessories Supplied: Battery, instruction manual, beaded wire thermocouple and NIST Certificate
 Ordering Example: (1) HH-25KF Handheld Thermometer, Type K, Resolution 0.1°F/1°F = $174.92

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