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L2C / L4C


1 Year Warranty

L2C / L4C
The L2C and L4C are dedicated large display clocks, which can be configured for real-time or elapsed time indication. Four-digit or 6-digit units are available offering displays indicating minutes/seconds or hours/minutes (4-digit) and hours/minutes/seconds or days/hours/minutes (6-digit).

Remote controls and preset capability along with an alarm output make the run time clock an ideal process timer. An RS-232-C output of the display is provided to permit connection of a number of slave clock displays to a master clock with only 3 wires.

Resolution: One (1) minute or one (1) second (jumper-selectable)
Time Setting: By internal pushbuttons or external volt-free contacts to advance hours and minutes
Control Lines: 3 independent opto-isolated lines
Sensitivity: 4-50 Vdc
Functions: 4 modes (user-selectable): 1- Start, stop, reset (3 lines) 2- Run/stop, reset (2 lines) 3- Reset/run/stop (1 line) 4- Reset/start, stop (2 lines)
Count Modes: 2 each - user-selectable: 1- Count-up, reset to zero (count to preset value) 2- Countdown, reset to preset value (count to zero)
Presetting: Via internal pushbutton or external volt-free contacts
Alarm Output: Open-collector 30 volts @ 50 mA maximum
Power: Switching power supply accepting 95 Vac to 265 Vac

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