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Miniature Connectors

Miniature Connectors
Glass-Filled Nylon
Heavy Duty Construction
Accepts Stranded or Solid Wire up to Size 20 AWG

NMP is available as a Legacy design.
The most current design is SMPW-CC . The demand for the SMPW version results in a lower initial cost. Features of the SMPW version produce a better finished thermocouple with reduced wire assembly time. View the features benefits and cost advantage of the current design, SMPW-CC-( )-( ), with the integral cable clamp.

Product Selection (Specify Model Number, see variations below in partnumber builder table)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 NMP-K-M in-stock    $3.00     Miniature male connector, type K  
 NMP-T-F 2 Weeks    $3.30     Miniature female connector, type T  
 NMP-J-MF Consult Sales    $5.70     Miniature connector pair, type J  
 NMP-E-M in-stock    $3.00     Miniature male connector, type E  
 NMP-R/S-F in-stock    $3.30     Miniature female connector, type R/S  
 NMP-G-MF Consult Sales    $5.70     Miniature connector pair, type G  
 NMP-D-F 1 Week    $3.30     Miniature female connector, type D  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: To order, specify "MF" for connector pair, "M" for male connector only, or "F" for female connector only.
 Ordering Example: (1) NMP-K-F Miniture female connector, type K = $3.3
 Part Number Builder
(1) (2)
Option Descriptions
(1) Thermocouple Type
K for Type K
T for Type T
J for Type J
E for Type E
R/S for Type R or S
G for Type G
C for Type C
D for Type D
U for Uncompensated or Type B
N for Type N
(2) Connector Contact
MF for connector pair
M for male connector
F for female connector
 NOTE: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.

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