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Miniature, Low Cost Data Loggers for Temperature and Temperature Humidity Measurement

Miniature, Low Cost Data Loggers for Temperature and Temperature Humidity Measurement
Compact Size
Extended Memory and Range
Programmable Limit Alarms with LED Indicator
Long-Life Two-Year Battery
Stores Samples in Non-Volatile Memory
Windows Software
Models Available for Temperature and Temperature Humidity Measurement

1 Year Warranty

The OM-NOMAD series has been discontinued. You can check on the availability of remaining stock. Also please see the OM-70 SERIES as possible alternatives or contact our Data Acquisition Engineering department.

The NOMAD Series data loggers are low-cost easy-to-use portable data loggers which can record either temperature or temperature and humidity data. Because of its compact size, it is ideally suited for applications where space limitations exist.

The NOMAD-T data logger measures and records temperature only, using the internal temperature sensor or the optional remote sensor. The NOMAD-RH Series data logger will measure and record both temperature and relative humidity simultaneously using the internal sensors. In addition to the temperature and humidity, the NOMAD data logger will also store the unit identification number, start time, sample interval and descriptive text relating to the logging session.

The NOMAD data logger also features programmable alarm limits. If an alarm condition occurs, an on board LED will light when the pushbutton is pressed. Once collected, the data may be downloaded to a computer through a standard RS-232 connection using the windows software. Once downloaded to a computer, the data may then be stored on disk in a file format which is compatible with most spread-sheets. The Windows software also provides graphic display and print out of the data. Models are available with additional memory, to handle longer logging sessions.

Product Selection (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 OM-NOMAD-T-16 in-stock    $138.00     Temp. datalogger, 16K (16,192 samples)  
 OM-NOMAD-RH-32 in-stock    $189.00     Temperature Humidity datalogger 32K (16,192 samples for temp and humidity measurment)  
 OM-NOMAD-BATT Consult Sales    $30.00     Replacement battery  
 OM-NOMAD-CP25 Consult Sales    $9.00     RS-232 cable for IBM PC, 25-pin female connector  
 OM-NOMAD-CP9 in-stock    $11.92     RS-232 cable for IBM PC, 9-pin female connector  
 OM-NOMAD-RTD 1 Week    $53.38     External temperature sensor with 6' cable (cannot be used with OM-NOMAD-RH-32)  
 OM-NOMAD-WIN     Consult sales   Windows software on CD ROM  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Ordering Example: (1) OM-NOMAD-RH-32 Temperature Relative Humidity Measurement datalogger 32K memory, = $189

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