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Industrial Infrared Temperature Transmitters
OS1551-A, OS1552-A Series

Industrial Infrared Temperature Transmitters
Non-Contact Measurement
4-20 mA Linear Output
Fast 10 msec Time Constant
Adjustable Emissivity
Spectral Response 0.91 to 1.05 Microns
Wide Field of View - Model OS1551-A
Temperature Range 0 to 200°C (32 to 392°F) or 200 to 500°C (392° to 1022°F) - Model OS1551-A
Spectral Response 8-14 Microns - Model OS1551-A
Narrow Field of View - Model OS1552-A
Temperature Range 538 to 816°C (1000 to 1500°F) or 816 to 1371°C (1500 to 2500°F) - Model OS1552-A
Spectral Response 0.91 to 1.05 Microns - Model OS1552-A

1 Year Warranty

The OS1551 Series has been superseded, please see the OS4000 Series as a possible substitute or consult NEWPORT's Temperature Engineering department.

Combine any of process Instruments pictured here to build a complete high performance measurement and control system. complete line of controls offer industry standard options such as...

• RS-232
• RS-485
• Control/Alarm Relays
• Data Storage
• Computer Interface

The OS1551-A and OS1552-A have an exceptionally fast time constant of 10 msec ( 0 to 63.2%), which makes them ideal for use in fast changing processes or to capture quick temperature changes.

They are compatible with any of OMEGA’s process control instrumentation such as recorders, dataloggers, meters or temperature controllers. The dc system is drift free, has no moving parts and may be used in a wide variety of process applications from 0 to 1370°C (32 to 2500°F) in sub-ranges. Typical applications include: low temperature measurement in textile manufacturing, printing, paper laminating, thick plastics or measuring products heated by radiant heat sources.

Product Selection (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 OS1551-A-200C Consult Sales    $705.00     Industrial IR Temperature Transmitter with a Spectral Response of 8 to 14 microns and 0 to 200°C (32 to 392°F) Temperature Range  
 OS1551-A-500C Consult Sales    $705.00     Industrial IR Temperature Transmitter with a Spectral Response of 8 to 14 microns and 200 to 550°C (392 to 1022°F) Temperature Range  
 INFP     Consult sales   Process Meter, see INFP for specifications and options  
 ICN77000     Consult sales   MICRO-INFINITY® Process Controller  
 OS1550-MB Consult Sales    $51.00     Mounting Bracket  
 OS1550-MN Consult Sales    $15.25     Mounting Nut  
 OS1550-AP     Consult sales   Air Purge Collar  
 OS1550-WC Consult Sales    $230.00     Water Cooling Jacket  
 OS1550-LS Consult Sales    $230.00     Laser Sight  
 PSU-93 in-stock    $52.73     24 VDC Power Supply  
 TX4-100 in-stock    $37.75     4 Conductor, shielded power/output Extension cable  
 CAL-3-IR Consult Sales    $150.00     NIST Traceable Calibration  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

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