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6-Digit Frequency Meter, Tachometer, Rate Meter, Timer, Pulse Totalizer, Process Meter & Totalizer with RS-232

6-Digit Frequency Meter, Tachometer, Rate Meter, Timer, Pulse Totalizer, Process Meter & Totalizer with RS-232
Every 50 ms + 1 signal period
Slower read rates for frequency averaging

Scale factor from ­99,999 to 999,999 (any decimal point, multiply or divide)
Offset from ­99,999 to 999,999 (any decimal point)
HI and LO setpoints for control or alarm
Programming via front-panel or RS-232
Program stored in non-volatile memory
Four levels of program lockout for security
Fixed decimal point or autoranging

Dual-channel TTL with protection to 25 V
Single-channel, isolated, with excitation
Dual-channel, isolated, with excitation
Single-channel, non-isolated, with excitation
Analog input, isolated, 4-20 mA, 0-2 V, 0-10 V

RS-232 or 20 mA serial ASCII output (std)
HI, LO, GO 150 mA open-collectors (std)
Dual 8A Form C relays (opt)
Parallel BCD output, isolated (opt)

Six 0.56 in (14.2 mm) 7-segment LED characters
Five-key programming front panel (std)
Plain front panel (opt)
Screw-clamp connectors for signal and power
1/8 DIN case

Starting from May 1st 2018, P6000A rate meter will be discontinued. Looking for a possible substitute, please contact your local customer engineering for details.

In its base configuration, the P6000A is a microprocessor-based, 6-digit, 1/8 DIN counter which can be configured by front-panel keys or by a personal computer as a frequency meter/tachometer, frequency-ratio meter, period/period- average meter, time-interval/time-interval-average meter or totalizer. It combines these five operating modes with ease of setup, wide dynamic range, six-figure crystal-based accuracy, and software scaling.

With the addition of an optional analog-to-frequency signal conditioner, the P6000A can become a software-scalable process meter with two setpoints and exceptionally wide zero offset capability. It can also become a 6-digit analog integrating totalizer.

The P6000A provides a five-key front panel, which can be used to select mode of operation, scale factor, zero offset and two setpoints for ON/OFF control or alarm. Setup parameters can be saved in non-volatile memory with four levels of front-panel lockout for program security. In addition, the P6000A can be programmed via RS-232. It can also report its own setup data and transmit ongoing readings and alarm status via RS-232 or 20 mA ASCII current loop. Modem support is built in for remote operation.


Dual non-isolated TTL/5 V CMOS-level input channels with protection to 25 V dc are standard and can accommodate frequencies up to 7 MHz. The inputs can be tied to contact closures by using a spare flip-flop available at the connector for debounce. They can also be tied to sensors with an open-collector NPN or PNP output if these are powered externally. Contact closures require an external 20 kOhm pull-up resistor. PNP sensors require an external 1 kOhm pull-down resistor.

This almost universal signal conditioner is available in single- or dual-channel versions. It provides sensor excitation output plus AC or DC coupling, signal isolation to 350 Vp, and jumper-selectable low-pass filtering, debounce time and hysteresis. It allows the P6000A to be tied directly to passive magnetic pickups with output down to ±10 mV, to AC line voltages up to 240 V rms, and to NPN, PNP, NAMUR or contact-closure sensors all with a high degree of input protection.

This is an economical single-channel non-isolated signal conditioner which supplies power up to 16 V at 25 mA for direct 3-wire connection to NPN sensors, or 2-wire connection to NAMUR sensors (<1 mA ON, >3 mA OFF) and contact closures. It can also be used with magnetic pickups and other active voltage sources from 0 to 200 mV up to 60 V rms.

Frequency Measurement
The P6000A measures frequency or period by counting the number of 11.059 MHz clock pulses during an actual gate time t, which corresponds to an intergral number of signal periods N. This technique allows high-accuracy low-frequency measurements. Frequency is calculated from N/t, period from t/N.

This signal conditioner accepts 4-20 mA, 0-5 V or 0-10 V analog signals and turns the P6000A into a process meter with isolated input, 6-digit scale and offset capability, two setpoints and RS-232. It also allows the P6000A to serve as an analog integrating totalizer, for instance to display volume based on the 4-20 mA signal from a flowmeter.

All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

BCD output models include 50-pin mass termination connector.
Relay output models include screw clamp connector..

Keywords: 6-Digit Frequency Meter, Tachometer, Rate Meter, Timer, Pulse Totalizer, Process Meter & Totalizer with RS-232

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