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The SM-10 has been discontinued. You may check on the availability of remaining SM-10 stock.

NEWPORT's SM-10 Digital Salt Analyzer provides a rapid, economical method for testing sodium chloride in food products. Developed expressly for food industry, the SM-10 eliminates the need for costly, time consuming titrations by using a dip style electrode for analysis. Factory calibrated for % NaCl in water, a front panel mounted adjustment knob permits recalibration for the specific product being tested. Two switch selectable ranges 0-2% and 0-20% provide high resolution digital reading of tested salt values.

SM-10's describe the non-linear relationship between conductivity and percent salt adjusted for temperature. The specific factory calibration is for NaCl in water.

Soak samples of dry or surface salted foods in distilled water to produce a sample fluid or use packing fluid from wet packed products for analysis. When the electrode is dipped in the sample, the percent of salt concentration is displayed digitally. Display will read "1" if the concentration is over scale.

Recalibration for salts (other than NaCl in H20) with similar Conductivity vs % Salt Concentration characteristics is possible using the calibration adjustment on the front panel. Adjust the digital value to match the titration results. This provides a single point recalibration.

Salts dissociate at differing rates in different solvents. Each has a unique Conductivity vs % Salt graph. While similar, these are not precise duplicates. The SM-10 can be calibrated to match a single one titration point. A chart is needed if full range values are required.

Typical Foods Tested
Animal Feeds Chili Ketchup Salad Dressings
Baby Foods Cocoa Mix Mayonnaise Salmon
Bacon Bits Cookies Meats Sauces
Bar-B-Que Mix Crackers Milk Products Shrimp
Beef Products Creamed Prodcuts Mustard Soups
Buillion Cubes Drink Mixes Nuts Soy Sauce
Butter Dry Mixes Olives Spices
Cake Mix Dry Products Onion Salt Tomato Products
Candies Egg Prodcuts Pancake Mix Tuna
Canned Foods Fish Peanut Butter Vegetable Concentrates
Cavier French Fries Popcorn V-8 Juice
Cereals Garlic Salt Potato Chips
Cheese Gravy Mix Pretzels


Liquid Crystal Display Scale: 3 1/2 digit reads .001-2.00% or .01-20%
Accuracy: ±2% span
Temperature Compensation: Probe is thermister compensated over -5º to +55ºC range
Batteries: Ni-Cd batteries (included) can perform 800 tests between rechargings. "Test" Circuit displays voltage.
Case: Shock resistant ABS plastic with integral carrying handle. Handle provides tilt-up support for orientation of instrument face.
Probe: Gold plated, cylindrical housed electrode is open on both ends to eliminate air entrapment when dipped in sample. 3 ft. cable provides remote sensing capability.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Size: 7-1/2" x 8.5" x 4" (17.8 x 21.6 x 10.2 cm)

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