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SMCJ Series

High Stability Electronics
1mV/Degree Linear Output
Self-Contained Connector Design
One-Button Operation
°F/°C Switchable
Battery Powered
Low Battery Indication
Built-In Thermocouple EMI Shielding
Water-Resistant Design
Built-In Protective Bumper Band, Patented
Thermocouple Break Protection

1 Year Warranty

The SMCJ Series has been discontinued. Please talk to our Sales team for replacement details.

The SMCJ converts a thermocouple input signal to a cold junction compensated, linear, amplified analog output for use with DMM’s, recorders, dataloggers and other electronic devices. The output signal from the SMCJ is 1mV/Degree and is user switchable between °C and °F.

Accuracy: @ 25°C (77°F) ambient, across the specified range
Type J: ± 1.1°C (2°F); -20 to 540°C (-4 to 1004°F)
Type K: ± 2°C (3°F) -20 to 1090°C (-4 to 1994°F)
Type T: ± 1.1°C (2°F) -20 to 260°C (-4 to 500°F)
Analog Output: 1 mV/°F or °C
Output Load: 1 K-Ohms Min.
Power: 3 to 3.6 V AA Lithium Battery
Battery Life: 1440 hrs (60 days) of continuous operation. (no load).
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Dimensions: 100 L x 50 W x 25 H mm (4 x 2 x 1")
Weight: 67 g (2.4 oz)

Model No. Thermocouple Input Type Temperature Range
°C °F
SMCJ-JJ Iron-Constantan-100 to 750-148 to 1382
SMCJ-KK CHROMEGA®-ALOMEGA®-100 to 1250-148 to 2282
SMCJ-TT Copper-Constantan-100 to 350-148 to 662

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 Note: Each SMCJ Comes Complete with Mating Male Thermocouple Connector, Bumper Band, Battery and Manual.

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