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Linear 1 mV per Degree Output from Thermocouples
°C/°F Switchable
Battery or ac Powered
Mates to Male and Female Standard Banana Plugs
Integral Cold Junction Compensation

1 Year Warranty

The TAC80B Series series has been discontinued. Please contact our Electronics Engineering department for a substitute.

The TAC80B temperature linearizer accepts the input signal from a thermocouple and outputs a linear 1 mV/degree analog signal for use with recorders and other instruments. TAC80B models operate using a 9V battery (included) and may be ac powered using the optional TAC80B-AC adaptor.

Model No.Input TypeRangeAccuracy
TAC80B-JJ  Iron-Constantan-4 to 1112°F
-20 to 600°C
-20 to 1000°C
TAC80B-TT  Copper-Constantan-4 to 572°F
-20 to 300°C
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Each unit supplied with SMP male input connector, standard-to-miniature connector adaptor, 9 volt battery plus operator’s manual.


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