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TRP Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration
TRP Probes

TRP Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration
Made with Special Limits of Error Material
All Standard Calibrations Available
Comes Complete with Mating Connectors
Can Be Ordered with 12", 24" or 36" Leads
304 Stainless Steel Sheath Material


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Accurate thermocouple temperature measurement requires a stable reference junction. It is common practice to create a transition reference junction by attaching a copper lead wire to each thermocouple leg. When the transition reference junction is held at the ice point 0°C (32°F) the output of the thermocouple appearing across the copper leads attached to the readout instrument is stable and predictable. For accuracy and convenience, NEWPORT offers its series TRP REFERENCE PROBE which locates the thermocouple-copper transition reference junction at the end of an 1/8 " diameter sheath for easy insertion into the TRCIII-A ice point calibration chamber. Up to six series TRP Probes can be used at one time in Newport’s Ice Point Chamber. Use the temperature-millivolt tables to convert readings into °C or °F when using a voltmeter with the TRCIII-A Ice Point reference cell shown below.

Product Selection (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price    Description   
 TRP-J in-stock    $88.83     Type J, Iron-Constantan  
 TRP-K in-stock    $88.83     Type K, CHROMEGA®-ALOMEGA®  
 TRP-E 1 Week    $88.83     Type E, CHROMEGA®-Constantan  
 TRP-T in-stock    $88.83     Type T, Copper-Constantan  
 TRP-R 2 Weeks    $349.13     Type R, Pt/13%Rh-Pt  
 TRP-S in-stock    $349.13     Type S, Pt/10%Rh-Pt  
 TRP-B 1 Week    $349.13     Type B, Pt/30%Rh-Pt/6%Rh  
 TRP-G 1 Week    $176.12     Type G, W- W/26%Re  
 TRP-C in-stock    $176.12     Type C, W/5%Re-W/26%Re  
 TRP-D in-stock    $176.12     Type D, W/3%Re-W/25%Re  
 Ice Point Reference Chambers
 TRCIII-A 6 Weeks    $3,485.00     ice point™ reference chamber with integral display, 115 V power  
 TRCIII 3 Weeks    $3,138.00     ice point™ reference chamber, 115 V power  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Note: 12" leads are standard for J, K, T and E calibrations. 6" leads are standard for R, S, B, G, C and D calibrations. For longer leads, consult sales.

 Ordering Example: (1) TRP-J Type J, 12" temperature reference probe = $88.83

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