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ALERT: Infrared (IR) Thermometry Products and SARS

It has come to our attention that handheld IR (Infrared) devices have been used to screen for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

All NEWPORT's IR devices are intended for scientific, technical and industrial purposes ONLY. They are NOT to be used as a diagnostic tool in relation to the SARS epidemic, since they are NOT designed for, intended to, or capable of measuring human body temperature.

In order to assure that NEWPORT's handheld IR devices are not misused or misapplied, no handheld infrared thermometers will be offered for sale outside the United States to areas still affected by SARS (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan). Handheld IR Models will only be available for sale to qualified end users. They will not be available to anyone for re-sale.

We sincerely regret this inconvenience to you, our valuable customer. We trust you will understand and appreciate our concern.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please Also Note:
"Equipment sold by NEWPORT is not intended to be used, nor shall it be used: (1) as a "Basic Component" under 10 CFR 21 (NRC), used in or with any nuclear installation or activity; or (2) in medical applications or used on humans, or misused in any way."

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