Upgrade for --
Platinum EIP (v1.0.0 and above)

Navigate to the Firmware Upgrade webpage.

From SETUP button on the home page, click on System, then FW Upgrade.

NOTE: it's recommended to back-up your settings via the USB port using the thumb-drive, before proceeding.

This option loads a new firmware into the iServer over the network. The firmware is a binary file with .bin extension. This file must be kept on the same PC from which the iServer is accessed.
Once the firmware upload is completed the iServer will power reset itself. This typically takes about 30 seconds.

After you have successfully upgraded your device, you can verify the firmware version number on the Main Menu page. You may have to hit refresh on the browser or open and close the browser to see the new version number.

It’s recommended (but not necessary) to set the iServer to Default Settings after the firmware is upgraded.
If you find the behavior of the iServer erratic after a firmware update, try resetting default settings by holding the reset button for ~10-15 seconds.
After this, the iServer’s IP address will be set to

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