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iLog installation instructions for Excel 2007 and higher

If you're using Excel 2007 or higher, you need to un-install your iLog program using the same application file (iLog1-9-4.exe) you used to install the iLog the first time.

Simply, double-click on the iLog1-9-4.exe file and follow the instructions to entirely un-install the program to the finish window.

Once the un-install process is done, double-click on the same iLog1-9-4.exe file, but this time to re-install the iLog.

Choose “Custom” installation option and on the next window check the box for “Excel 2007 Apps” and continue the installation to the end.

Note that in order to run iLog you must enable Macros in your Excel.

Note: iLOG is compatible with Win 7/8 64-bit OS with Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit, iLOG is NOT compatible with MS Office 2010 64-bit.

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