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Checklist for Loading OPC Server Software

The following list of steps provides instructions for setup of the OPC Server mainly during the installation process. The checklist is provided in the help files for completeness sake.

__ 1. Download OPC installation file

__ 2. Win2000/XP: Determine which user group should have access to software -- if OPC Server won't be run only from Administrator account. The setup of user groups (and assignment of users to these groups) is performed by the administrator (who can also assign users to the default user group). User groups and individual users can be viewed using the Windows2000/NT/XP User Manager software provided with the operating system. The name of the User Group, for access to OPC, should normally be known before running the Installation process of the OPC Server.

__ 3. Run installation file. And upon your agreement of the terms of the license, install the files.

__ 4. If a Setup Option for RegSetup is displayed (Windows 2000 and XP), you may select its checkbox and click "Next" button to activate the RegSetup tool. This tool can be run during setup or at a later time (but, access may be restricted to the administrator user until the RegSetup tool is executed). Enter a User group under which this computer's users were created. The "Everyone" group may be available. (See the Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, User Manager tool) The RegSetup program alters file-access permissions primarily of files stored to the Windows System directory -- so that the files can be accessed by a users who are a member of the specified Users group. [Select checkbox next to RegSetup message and enter a user group]

__ 5. If you want to request licensed access to the software during the setup process, Select the Run LicenseApp option of the setup process. Note that a new license Should not be needed if you are just upgrading or refreshing the version of Software on this computer. Select "Next" to continue.

__ 6. If no Setup options were selected, Setup program should now be closed by selecting the "Finish" button.

__ 7. The LicenseApp software may be displayed. Obtain the computer ID Code and upon purchase send the ID Code to NEWPORT. Then you will receive an Email with the License Activation Code needed to access the software. When the Email comes with the Activation Code, run the LicenseApp (from the Program links installed as part of Setup software) and enter the License Activation Code, then click Save Key. Click OK to exit.

__ 8. Shutdown the Installation software by clicking on "Finish" button.

__ 9. Run the OPCConfig software from a typical userís account and setup communications device, such as PC CommPort #2. This will verify that installation process worked. (An initial message that "file wasnít found" may appear, but thatís not a problem.)

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