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wSeries Wi-Fi VC Software

  • Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8: Ver. 1.10  July 23, 2014
  • Linux Ver. 1.03.3 tar.gz   July 11 2012
  • Linux Ver. 1.03.1 rpm   June 12 2012
  • Gadget for Windows 7: Ver. Jan 23, 2012

Under specific situations these issues may occur:

For the Virtual Coordinator Setup\Transmitter Config\Network page:

  1. If you change the security type, i.e.: WEP to WPA2 and you are still using the same Access Point SSID, you may have a communication problem.
    To make sure the new security settings take place, go through ad-hoc again.
  2. In UDP mode: the Request Pending notice will not disappear until you click back and forth between menu tabs or Refresh.
  3. Use Mozilla Firefox or IE9 browser on the VC server; IE8 has issues that it uses up a large amount of memory resources.

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